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Victim Claims Girlfriend Got Too Rough During Sex

When a man and his girlfriend were reportedly engaged in sexual relations early on New Year’s Day, the woman allegedly got too feisty and left injuries on her boyfriend causing him to choose to report her to the authorities.

Just after the passing of the first hour of the New Year, 24-year-old Kristan Parris and her boyfriend were reportedly ringing it in by sharing a physically intimate experience together.

During their sexual encounter, Parris’s boyfriend allegedly believed that the woman was acting differently and more aggressively than she normally does during their lovemaking when she reportedly began to bite and scratch him in the middle of the current experience.

The man decided to notify the Nashville Police Department to let them know that he believed that he was assaulted by his girlfriend, and officers were sent to the residence.

When the authorities inspected the alleged victim, they reported that they could see scratches and a bite mark on his back, in addition to a second bite mark on his arm.

According to the affidavit, while speaking to the police about the situation, the alleged victim also accused Parris of hitting him with a closed fist “about three weeks ago.” He said that he did not choose to call the police and inform them of the alleged event at the time.

Parris was placed under arrest and taken to the county jail. She is facing charges for suspicion of misdemeanor domestic assault for her allegedly too-rowdy style of bedroom-play.

The court issued a bond amount of $500, and Parris was freed after meeting it. She is expected to return to the courtroom to answer for the allegations on January 14.

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