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Sauced Woman Threatened Workers Over Cost of Dip Cups

Employees at McDonald’s alleged that a customer became so enraged when she was told the dipping sauces cost extra that she made threats and reportedly caused the workers to become fearful for their safety.

After 3:00 am on New Year’s Day, a Florida McDonald’s reportedly had a customer place an order for quite a bit of food at their drive-thru.

When the woman paid for the order she reportedly requested that the employee include one of each type of the dipping sauces they have in the bag with her items. The employee told her that each container could be purchased for 25 cents extra, and the woman allegedly became very displeased with the idea of forking out extra cash for the cups of condiments.

According to the manager on duty at the time of the alleged incident, the woman began to scream and make threats to use “whatever means necessary” to get what she wanted, after reportedly stating that she would rob the establishment if her request was not satisfied.

The authorities were notified and deputies from the River County Sheriff’s Office went to the McDonald’s to find out more about the situation that was reported.

When an officer drove up to the establishment it was reported that a woman in a Honda was idle at the window in the drive-thru lane, and she allegedly displayed a heightened state of displeasure by yelling at the deputy upon contact.

The woman, who allegedly showed signs that she had been drinking alcohol, was identified as 19-year-old Maguire Marie McLaughlin from Vero Beach.

While interacting with law enforcement, McLaughlin was reportedly not cooperative, and they felt it was appropriate to enlist the help of mechanical restraints when she allegedly refused to walk to the police vehicle as she was being arrested.

McLaughlin was booked into the county jail for suspicion of disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest. She was later released on bond.

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