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Victim Endured Bloody Testicles When Lovers Spat Turned Savage

A couple was having an argument that allegedly became physical in nature, the woman was said to have grabbed her boyfriend by the testicles and squeezed with enough force to cause bleeding.

Katie Lee Pitchford and her boyfriend reside together in Indian Harbor Beach, Florida.

On June 4, just before 4:00 am, Pitchford and her beau allegedly had a disagreement regarding her expressed desire to meet up with a friend that she hadn’t seen in a while and accompany her and her boyfriend on a social outing.

The couple reportedly did not see eye to eye about Pitchford’s attendance at the engagement, and they began to argue.

What started as an exchange of harsh words allegedly erupted into physical violence.

When the authorities arrived at the couple’s house, the man was allegedly seen with visible marks that appeared to be very recent injuries.

The alleged victim gave a statement to the police claiming that Pitchford had attacked him without provocation while they were in bed and that they were not fighting as she allegedly claimed. He said that Pitchford reached for his privates and grabbed ahold of his testicles while allegedly applying so much pressure that they began bleeding. He reported that she additionally hit him with a hairbrush, punched, choked, and scratched him.

Pitchford, who had bruising and scratch marks on her legs, allegedly told the police that she and her boyfriend enjoyed cocktails and walked on the beach the previous night, where she had fallen down and received the visible injuries. She was reported as telling them that while she and her boyfriend did have a disagreement it was only with words and not physical.

After collecting the statements, it was purported that Pitchford, who is still on probation from a 2017 incident, was the aggressor of the alleged attack.

When Pitchford was placed under arrest, she reportedly asked if she could have permission to talk to her boyfriend to issue an apology.

She was booked into the county jail in lieu of $1000 bond for charges of misdemeanor domestic battery, and it was ordered that Pitchford remain incarcerated without bail for the probation violation.

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