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Mysterious Presence of Cocaine on Nose Baffles Suspect

While a man was being questioned about white powder purported to be cocaine he allegedly had on the nasal region of his face he was reported as telling the deputies the substance wasn’t his.

On June 9, Hillsboro County Sheriff’s Office deputies performed a traffic stop on a vehicle carrying a driver and passenger.

Upon surveying the inside of the car one of the deputies became fixated on the passenger, identified as 20-year-old Fabricio Jimenez, when she “immediately noticed” a white substance with a powder-like appearance clinging to portions of the outer rim of his nostrils.

The deputy was reported as stating confirmation that the powder was cocaine based solely on its appearance, and Jimenez’s nose was swabbed so that the substance could be field-tested and a bit more conclusively identified.

The results showed that the powder showed a positive result for cocaine, and gave the deputies enough probable cause to search a backpack sitting inside of the vehicle that they believed belonged to Jimenez.

The bag was allegedly holding a baker’s dozen of Xanax, which is typically used for anxiety, and a smidge under 9 ounces of marijuana flower.

Jimenez, who was placed under arrest based on the findings, reportedly tried to tell the deputies that the cocaine on his face wasn’t his, but he was not forthcoming with a more detailed explanation.

The deputies reported that though they didn’t find his story plausible, the Florida man was compliant with them while he was taken into custody.

Jimenez is facing charges for three felony counts for possession of narcotics based on the allegations from the traffic stop, and a probation violation charge for a previous matter.

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