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Video Store Burglar got Car Stuck in Residential Yard  

A Pennsylvania man who got his car stuck in the yard of a local residence allegedly stole items from a video store and had marijuana in his vehicle.

On January 25, someone reportedly stole merchandise from the Excitement Video and Toys store in Camp Hill. The arrest report reflects that the thief appeared to enter by using bolt cutters to get in through the back door. 

At approximately 8:30 AM, the authorities learned that a man got his vehicle stuck in someone’s yard.  

A K9 officer went to the scene with the other law enforcement agents and indicated that there were drugs in the automobile. The police confiscated the vehicle. 

According to reports, when the car was inspected, the authorities found a sizeable amount of marijuana, and products marked with Excitement Video tags. A bolt cutter was also allegedly found in the vehicle. 

The area between the video store and where the car was found was searched, and the police reportedly found more items with Excitement Video tags. They believed the man who owns the car was the person who robbed the store, and that he tried to stash the products in the woods. 

On March 22nd, the Lower Allen Township Police Department got an active warrant for the man’s arrest. 

The suspect was taken into custody and booked into the Dauphin County Prison. He is expected to face charges of burglary, criminal trespass, receiving stolen property, and possession with intent to deliver for the incident in January, in addition to charges of fleeing or attempting to elude apprehension, escape, and evading arrest or detention on foot that were added in March. 

He is being held in lieu of a $205,000 bond. 

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