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Violent Outburst in Orange County Criminal Case

Miguel Alexander Vargas, 28, on trial in Orange County for the most severe form of domestic violence or spousal abuse charges for murdering his common-law wife, was recently tackled by courtroom deputies at the Central Justice Center in Santa Ana after the judge denied a motion to allow him to represent himself.  He was then ordered removed from the courtroom by the presiding Orange County judge and yelled “I’m not f—— going!”

Vargas has already had two similar outbursts: earlier in the day, he was forcibly removed from court after ranting to the jury to the jury pool “this case is fake- the victim is still alive” and ignoring orders from the judge to remain quiet. In May, Vargas was subdued in the holding cell when he refused to cooperate, calling the judge a “f——– idiot.”

Just as police will use anything you say or do as evidence against you, Vargas’ behavior in court will also likely be used against him at his upcoming trial or sentencing in Orange County. The prosecuting attorney and/or judge may mention Vargas’ violent and unpredictable behavior in court as evidence of violent outbursts and impulsivity control, leading up to his wife’s murder. Whether Vargas is in attendance at that trial will depend on whether he is able to follow instructions and cooperate at future hearings.

Acting out or exhibiting violent behavior in front of police or in a courtroom is never beneficial to your criminal case. It is always best to remain silent, be polite, and to closely follow the instructions of your criminal defense attorney as to prevent an episode from becoming an advantage to the prosecuting attorney. If you have been charged with a crime, call an Orange County criminal law attorney at the Law Offices of Staycie R. Sena immediately at (949) 477-8088 for a free consultation.

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