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What Happened at Band Camp?!

If a female teacher has had sex with a former student when that student became an adult, should a jury know about it if she’s on trial for having sex with a minor student? Carlie Rose Attebury of Orange County, was recently found guilty of sex crimes involving a minor. During her trial, the prosecution introduced evidence that she had also had sex with three adult alumni of the school, shortly after they graduated.

Attebury, 32, was sentenced to 16 months in prison and forced to register as a sex offender. Her criminal defense attorney appealed the decision to the 4th District Court of Appeal. The justices ruled that the testimony by the three alumni was too prejudicial and should not have been told to the jury. They held that evidence suggested that she schemed or planned to have sex with minors, even though the students were legal adults. Because that suggestion was likely to have prejudiced the jury and may have contributed to her conviction, the appellate court overturned her convictions.

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