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Wife Fired Two Rounds at Husband While He Was Sitting on the Toilet

A frustrated wife reportedly shot two rounds from a gun at the wall above her husband’s head while he was sitting on the commode in their home.

Linda Jean Fahn and her husband Charles have been married for 32 years, and they share a home in Goodyear, Arizona. The couple had been in the midst of a two-days-long argument that came to a boiling point on December 30 while Charles was sitting on the toilet.

Linda, who communicated to law enforcement that she felt as if her husband was not listening to her, entered the bathroom abruptly and discharged two rounds of a firearm into the wall above him in a rather unorthodox attempt to get him to pay attention.

Charles called the Goodyear Police Department and left the house, and officers met him at an intersection nearby. He recounted the events that had taken place and afterward the police found that Linda was still at the couple’s residence.

The 69-year-old woman alleged that her husband was not in danger when she shot at him because she believed the bullets made impact nearly 10 feet above his head. When the bullet holes were inspected by the authorities they disputed her claim and judged that the distance between the bullet holes and the approximation of where her husband’s head would have been was around 7 inches.

Linda Fahn was booked and charged with of one count of aggravated assault.

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