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Witch Doctor Accused of Raping Client During Ritual 

A Georgia man who claims he is a witch doctor has been accused of holding a woman against her will and raping her after inviting her to his apartment for a spiritual cleansing ritual. 

A 44-year-old man who resides in an apartment complex in Duluth reportedly began talking to a woman, and he allegedly told her that he was a witch doctor who could perform rituals. 

It was reported that the man asked the woman to come to his residence for a ritual cleansing, and she accepted the invitation. 

On the evening of February 6, the woman reported that she went to his apartment, and the alleged witch doctor charged her $500 for the cleansing.  

Instead of performing a ritual, the man reportedly would not allow her to leave. He allegedly took off her clothes and sexually assaulted her. 

When the woman was able to escape, she notified the authorities. 

Several officers from the Duluth Police Department went to the address to investigate. 

When they arrived and went to his apartment unit, the authorities told the man they had a search warrant and permission to collect a DNA sample. 

The suspect was arrested and booked into the Gwinnett County Adult Detention Center. He is expected to face charges for two counts of rape, false imprisonment, theft by deception, and sexual battery. He is being held in lieu of a $5,900 bond. 

One of his neighbors gave an interview to a local news outlet, and the woman said she saw many women going into the man’s apartment at different times. 

The authorities are concerned that this is not the first time the man has sexually assaulted someone under the guise of performing a ritual, and they are trying to locate additional alleged victims. 

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