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Councilman Found with Cocaine in Shoe During DUI Booking 

A Palm Bay City Council member who was accused of driving under the influence of alcohol reportedly had baggies of cocaine stashed in his sock and shoe. 

Last weekend, a man who is a contractor with the Department of Veteran Affairs and serves as vice-chair of the Brevard County Planning and Zoning Board was driving a motorcycle in Palm Bay. 

An officer saw him and asserted that he was speeding. 

When the officer tried to perform a traffic stop, the man allegedly tried to make a U-turn, but the bike toppled over and fell onto the road. 

According to reports, when the officer interacted with him, he said the council member smelled like he had been drinking. It was also noted that his license expired approximately four months ago. 

The council member chose not to speak to the police at the scene, and he would not give his consent when he was asked to take roadside sobriety tests. 

The man was placed under arrest and taken to a holding cell for booking. He was required to remove his shoes and socks, and the authorities reported that they found that he had two bags containing a white substance. One of them was reportedly in his sock and the other in his shoe. Testing revealed that it was cocaine, and the police reported that the total weight was 10 grams.  

According to the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office records, the council member is facing charges for possession of a controlled substance, reckless driving, DUI alcohol, operating a motorcycle without a license, and refusal to submit to a DUI test. He was released from custody on bond. 

It was reported that this is his third DUI arrest. 

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