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Witchy Woman Started Fire on Stranger’s Porch

A self-proclaimed witch in Southeast Iowa allegedly lit items taken from people’s yards on fire on a stranger’s porch when she knocked on the door and no one answered.

Late in the afternoon on March 18, a 45-year-old woman was reportedly walking around a residential neighborhood in Burlington. During her approximately 2-hour stroll, she allegedly took items she saw outside homes she walked past.

According to reports, the woman approached one of the houses and knocked on the door. The resident was not home at the time, but she received a notification from her security camera letting her know that the motion sensor had been activated. She checked the video feed, and she reportedly saw a woman on her doorstep lighting a pile of items on fire.

The authorities were notified, and the Burlington Fire Department sent firefighters to the location. Officers from the Burlington Police Department also went to the address.

When they found the woman at the residence, she reportedly told them she thought it was her friend’s house, and she informed them that she was a witch. She said she saw a sign that read “Welcome Witches,” and she believed it was an open invitation to enter the property. She told the authorities she had no intention of causing any harm or damage while she was there.

The woman was taken into custody. When asked, she reportedly said she did not need medical treatment, so she was transported and booked into the Des Moines County Jail. She is facing charges of one serious misdemeanor count of reckless use of fire or explosive or destructive device, and simple misdemeanor count of possession of paraphernalia. She was held on a $5000 bond.

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