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Woman Accused of Leaving Backpack Full of Heroin in School Parking Lot

A Pennsylvania woman was arrested on Wednesday as the suspected owner of a backpack with bricks of heroin inside, after school employees found the bag in a middle school parking lot in December.

At approximately 9:30 am on December 20, an abandoned backpack was observed in the parking lot in the back of Cecilia Snyder Middle School. Bensalem School District personnel contacted the authorities, and on inspection of the bag’s contents police found four bricks of heroin comprised of 10,000 individually packaged doses. The estimated value of the narcotics is $100,000.

Investigators watched the footage captured on surveillance cameras on the school campus in an attempt to locate the owner of the backpack. A New Jersey registered tan Toyota Corolla was seen on the video in the vicinity of where the bag was found.

On the evening of January 10, investigators located what they believed was the Corolla in the video. They performed a traffic stop and 26-year-old Natasha Willis, the car’s driver, allegedly admitted to possession and leaving the backpack in the parking lot by accident.

Willis was taken into custody and charged with possession with intent to deliver narcotics and related offenses. Her bail was set at $750,000 at her arraignment hearing and she is being held in the Bucks County Correctional Facility.

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