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Woman Accused of Sexually Torturing Drugged Victim

A woman is has been charged for allegations of sexually abusing a man who was unconscious during the purportedly unwanted encounter.

36-year-old Jennifer Marie Johnson, a resident of Northport, Alabama, recently reportedly obtained a new vehicle to replace her 1998 Ford Mustang.

The woman found a 2013 Honda Civic that was available and she offered a deal to the sellers wherein she would trade her current automobile in addition to $500 for the Honda. The transaction was completed and Johnson, who is recorded as a prostitute by trade, began to operate the vehicle as her own.

On May 10, an officer from the Northport Police Department pulled Johnson over while she was driving her new Civic and informed her that the vehicle had been reported stolen.

After explaining how she became the owner of the car the officer decided that Johnson alleged knew that the vehicle was stolen based on the assumption that the value of each is known by “any reasonable person,” as stated in the deposition.

Johnson was placed under arrest for the allegations that she purposely made the purchase despite purportedly being aware of the heisted car. She was charged for first-degree receiving stolen property and incarcerated in lieu of $20,000 bond.

While she was in jail the authorities searched the contents of Johnson’s cell phone and allegedly found video that they believed depicted home recorded footage of the woman sexually assaulting a man who was unconscious. The seemingly blacked out man appeared to have his limbs and mouth secured with duct tape as a woman that they believed fit Johnson’s description used a sex toy on the man’s anus. The alleged victim did not reportedly seem to awaken during or after the act.

The recording reportedly gave the investigators enough information for them to find where and when they think the alleged abuse had taken place. The purported victim was also located based on the contents of the video.

Officers spoke with the alleged victim, and the 25-year-old man confirmed that he had been on GHB on the morning of March 19, which is when it is suspected that the incident happened. GHB, also referred to as the “date rape drug,” can have the effect of leaving the user unconscious.

Johnson was issued charges for sexual torture/abuse due to the contents allegedly found on her electronic device. Her bail has been raised to $80,000 due to the new allegations.

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