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Grandma Scored Drugs With 2-Year-Old in Tow

A woman in Volusia County allegedly purchased a bag of drugs with her toddler grandson in the car during the transaction.

On Tuesday, a deputy with the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office was on duty in a part of town that was reported as being a regular area for people to make drug deals.

The deputy became suspicious when he reportedly watched a driver pull a vehicle over and stop on the side of the road. Someone was seen coming up to the passenger’s side of the automobile and quickly departing just before it pulled away causing the deputy to believe a drug transaction had taken place.

When he performed a traffic stop on the car the deputy saw a woman in the driver’s seat with a young child sitting in the back.

The woman, identified as 43-year-old Amy Moreland, was allegedly accompanied by her 2-year-old grandson during her visit to the part of town associated with shady happenings.

When they looked through the inside of the car, the authorities allegedly found a plastic bag with what they believed was heroin, along with a piece of a clear straw containing particles that were also assumed to be drugs. In addition, something seen on the floor on the driver’s side gave the deputies the impression that they had found remnants of more narcotics in the car.

The substance on the floor allegedly revealed a positive test result for an opiate, and the bag, which Moreland reportedly copped to purchasing, was said to hold $20 worth of heroin.

During the process of apprehending Moreland for the allegations, the toddler’s great-grandmother was contacted so the boy could be picked up by a responsible party.

While awaiting the woman’s arrival, the video that was recorded by one of the body cams worn by the deputies contains audio of a law enforcement officer telling the youngster, “Grandma is out here buying drugs with you, it’s not good.”

After being booked on charges for possession of heroin, possession of paraphernalia and child neglect, Moreland was released from custody after paying $15,500 bail.

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