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Woman Aimed Gun at 7-Year-Old Trick-or-Treater

While children were trick-or-treating in a Hayes County, Texas, neighborhood, a woman reportedly pulled out a loaded firearm and aimed it at a young child.
On Halloween, 35-year-old Monica Bradford was reportedly at home when children began trick-or-treating.
According to reports, the woman had the light on her front porch turned on, giving the children the impression that they were welcome to approach her residence.
Some of the people in the vicinity reported that Bradford kept coming outside and yelling at the trick-or-treaters as they passed by her home.
Just after 7:00 PM, a 7-year-old and their father were trick-or-treating nearby, and they walked in front of Bradford’s house.
While they were near the driveway area, Bradford allegedly emerged from her residence with a firearm. She allegedly proceeded to point the gun in the direction of the 7-year-old.
The Hayes County Sheriff’s Office was notified about the situation, and deputies quickly went to the reported address.
The authorities prevented anyone from entering the block, as deputies made their way toward Bradford’s home.
The deputies were cautious when approaching the home since they purported that Bradford had a weapon, but they reported that she was cooperative with them.
Bradford was placed under arrest and booked into Hayes County Jail. She is facing charges for suspicion of second-degree felony assault with a deadly weapon. She was later released on a $10,000 bond.
It was reported that no one suffered from physical injuries, and the Sheriff’s Office announced that the investigation is ongoing.
Some of the neighbors were interviewed by news outlets about the incident, and they reported that the police had allegedly come to Bradford’s home more than once in the past. The reason for the reported visits was not disclosed.
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