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Woman Arrested For Sending 65,000 Texts After One Date

An Arizona woman who met a man online and accompanied him on one date is facing charges for accusations of stalking him by sending him 65,000 text messages, some of which were disturbing in content. She also allegedly broke into his home.

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31-year-old Jacqueline Ades made an account on the website and began communicating with a man with whom she desired a love relationship. Last summer the man took Ades out for a date in person and she allegedly wanted to continue seeing him regularly.

The man did not feel the same way about Ades and she allegedly became very upset and continued to reach out to him to try to convince him that he should date her. Ades purportedly began sending the man 500 text messages a day, some containing images and others with suggestive notes. The messages began with a sweet and alluring sentiment but when the man was not receptive Ades changed the tone of her contact.

When the authorities were notified by the man so that he could report the onslaught of daily texts Ades began sending messages that were dark in content and made threats against the man’s life. She allegedly expressed her desire to bathe in his blood and wear his skull and body parts on her person in some of the messages he received. In total it is estimated that Ades sent the man 65,000 texts.

The man also called the police in July 2017 when he discovered that Ades was parked outside of his home.

Nine months later on April 8, 2018, Ades was allegedly seen on the man’s home surveillance video recording while he was out of the country and had checked the live feed from his location. When he alerted the police they dispatched to the scene where they reportedly found Ades soaking in the man’s tub. She was charged on suspicion of trespassing for the event, but she failed to appear for her scheduled court dates several times to address the allegations against her.

During the course of her long-term pursuit of the man’s affections, Ades decided to drop by his workplace. When she was being removed from the establishment by law enforcement she reportedly fought with the officers and tried to tell them that she was his wife.

After the event at the man’s place of employment the Paradise Valley police felt they had enough evidence to arrest Ades on suspicion of threatening and intimidating, stalking, and harassment.

On Tuesday, May 8, Ades was taken into custody and she is being held without bail awaiting a scheduled court appearance on May 15 regarding the charges.

With Ades in custody, she took part in a press conference explaining that she met her soul mate and thought they would get married. She also stated that she was not crazy and she did not think what she did was wrong but she did not wish to discuss the charges.

It was reported that Ades did not appear to be in good mental health but she was not receiving any treatment in jail at the current time.

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