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Man Arrested for Burglary of Funeral Attendee Homes

After a string of burglaries beginning in March took place while the alleged victims were at funerals the authorities believe they have located and arrested the man responsible for the break-ins.

On March 7 a West Los Angeles resident was attending a funeral during the time that their home was being burglarized. Though the man who allegedly committed the offense was seen while in the act of stealing from the home they were unable to positively identify him.

A second burglary took place in Los Angeles on March 11 just after 2:00 p.m. while the occupants were also at a funeral. A man approached the home and rang the doorbell which activated a home security camera located inside of it. The suspect was caught on video while at the door and when no one answered he reportedly went to the back door of the home and tried to enter, but he was unable to get inside. He allegedly returned to the front of the house and kicked open the garage door which had an entrance to the residence, but the alarm system in place deterred him from pursuing the event further. The man, whose Mercedes was seen parked in the driveway of the home, pulled away but not before a detailed description of his automobile was uncovered.

On March 27 the Los Angeles Police Department used the images they collected in the content of a posted Tweet asking for anyone who could identify the subject, who they believed was staying in motels in Orange County, to get in contact with them and they reportedly received a considerable amount of calls regarding the man.

People contacting the LAPD disclosed that they had recognized him as 44-year-old Brett Patrick Rogers.

Authorities were issued a felony warrant allowing them to arrest Rogers as the suspect in the crimes and he is facing charges of residential burglary. He was taken into custody by Anaheim police on Thursday and he is being held without bail.

During the course of the investigation two more burglaries, one in Glendale and one in Lakewood, were discovered to have taken place during the same time period as the incidents that Rogers was charged for. The residents were also at funerals during the break-ins and police allege that Rogers was responsible for those crimes as well.

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