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Woman Blames DUI on Whiskey Burgers

After being pulled over for expired tags, a 33 year old Florida woman was accused of drunk driving when police smelled whiskey on her breath.

When police pulled the woman over for having expired tags, they weren’t expecting what they found. There were 3 young children in the backseat, improperly restrained, and the driver was breast feeding a two month old baby. In addition, there was a full can of gasoline on the front passenger seat.

According to reports, the driver’s eyes were red and her speech was slurred. After a relative picked up the baby and 1,3, and 4 year old children, the driver allegedly failed the sobriety test. The police reported that the woman told them she smelled like whiskey because she had eaten “four hamburgers with whiskey on them.”

The woman was arrested for unlawful alteration of her car’s tags, operating with a suspended license, DUI, a child act that could result in mental or physical injury, and resisting an officer without violence. She remains in her local jail.

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