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Woman Charged for Mailing Meth to Prisoner

When a letter that allegedly contained a hidden packet of methamphetamine arrived at a Texas prison addressed to an inmate serving a two-lifetime sentence, the sender was tracked down by the authorities and taken into custody.

James Burkett was convicted in 2001 when he stood trial for his involvement in a murder case involving a mother, her teenage son, and his teenage friend. Burkett was given a life sentence for the deaths of each of the teenagers and he is currently serving his time in the James V. Allred Unit prison.

A mail worker at the prison had their attention drawn to a letter addressed to Burkett that felt as if it contained something that was causing it to have a slight protrusion. The worker opened the envelope to inspect the contents and after removing a homemade card inside, a small package of white powder was found.

The substance in the envelope was reported as being positively identified as methamphetamine when it was tested.

The envelope allegedly contained a barely-legible address and a note listing instructions for how to prepare the envelope for mailing so that the drugs would not be intercepted by the prison staff.

When he was interviewed about the mail Burkett reportedly said that he did mail the card out but he did not have contact with drugs and did not ask that they be sent to him.

Fingerprint samples were lifted from the piece of mail and the Texas Department of Public Safety Crime Lab allege that they belong to 29-year-old Sara Elizabeth Russell of Katy, Texas.

Last Thursday, Russell was taken into custody and she is facing a charge of one count of prohibited substance in a correctional facility. She was issued a $10,000 bond and she is being held in the Wichita County Jail.

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