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Woman Comes Home and Discovers Burglar Snacking in Bathtub

After work on the evening of April 17, a woman entered her home to find a stranger bathing in her tub and eating cheese curls.

29-year-old Evelyn Elaine Washington of Monroe, Louisiana, reportedly entered a home without permission and shed her clothing before drawing herself a bath and climbing in. She also allegedly helped herself to a plate of food that belonged to the person residing in the home.

Around 5:00 p.m. the occupant returned home from work and stumbled upon Washington in the tub in the nude. The woman reportedly witnessed Washington consuming Cheetos while soaking in the water, with a plate of food resting on the toilet in reach of the bath.

The woman then decided to talk to Washington to find out why she was there, and Washington allegedly explained that a man she didn’t know had told her she should break in.

The homeowner contacted the authorities and officers from the Monroe Police Department dispatched to the location. Upon inspection of the home, they allegedly discovered a broken window with a large ice cooler placed underneath it. They suspected it was used as the point of access where the home was entered.

When speaking with Washington, an officer disclosed that she allegedly reiterated that she was told to break into the home by a man that she had no prior contact with. The affidavit also reports that the officer saw the bathtub that contained water, in addition to the food on the top of the toilet that the victim spoke of in her initial report.

Washington was taken into custody and booked into the Ouachita Correctional Center where she was charged with one count each of burglary and simple criminal damage to property. She is being held in lieu of $8000 total bond.

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