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Woman Embezzled $10k from Youth Baseball Team

A woman in Alabama allegedly stole almost $10,000 from a youth baseball team’s funds by using a team debit card and checks with the forged name of a board member. 

The Slocomb Dixie Youth Baseball League is a nonprofit organization involved in providing baseball and softball for the youths in their community. 

On January 6, the local authorities opened an investigation into the possibility of the team’s money, which is obtained through sponsorship and donations, being used in an improper and illegal manner. 

When they looked into the allegedly unauthorized spending, the authorities reported that a bank card in the name of the Slocomb Dixie Youth Baseball Team League had been used to buy items that are not associated with baseball. They additionally alleged that forged checks were deposited into a personal bank account that was not connected to the team. The checks reportedly showed what was believed to be a forged signature of one of the board members, and the total loss reported was $9.652.35.  

The authorities got their hands on video recordings that they believe show proof of the identity of the person responsible for the alleged embezzlement. They assert that it was 34-year-old Jessica Harper.  

Last week, the Slocomb Police Department took Harper into custody. She was incarcerated on a $35,000 bond, and she is facing charges for first-degree theft and third-degree forgery. She is scheduled for a court appearance in April regarding the accusations. 

How Harper is connected to the organization has not currently been disclosed. 

The Slocomb Dixie Youth President extended a written apology to the parents and youngsters affected by the situation and said that “extra steps are in place to ensure this does not happen again,” including implementing new board members. 

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