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Woman Facing Charges for Hitting Wrong Man with Burrito

A reportedly angry customer at a Florida restaurant was arrested after she allegedly tried to throw a burrito at a man she was fighting with, but it hit someone else in the face instead.

“Rick’s Reef” is a restaurant located in St. Pete’s Beach and advertises as a family and dog-friendly establishment. Their website describes the place as a “casual dining restaurant serving fresh food made in-house, with a fabulous Florida beach feel.”

On July 12, a 46-year-old woman who lives close to Rick’s Reef went to the restaurant early in the evening. While she was there, the woman’s visit reportedly turned sour. According to the arrest report, she started to yell at the other patrons at the restaurant, and she allegedly began to cause a scene.

It was reported that the woman eventually turned her anger toward one man in the establishment, and they began to argue.

During their dispute, the woman allegedly picked up a burrito and hurled it in the direction of the man with whom she was fighting. The tortilla-wrapped treat reportedly sailed through the air until it struck a different man, who was not involved in the argument, in the face.

After the burrito hit the man, the woman left the restaurant but remained nearby.

The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office was notified about the alleged disruption, and deputies were sent to the scene.

When they found the woman close to the restaurant and tried to discuss the incident, the deputies reported that she would not cooperate with them.

The woman was taken into custody and booked into the Pinellas County Jail. She is currently expected to face charges of misdemeanor disorderly conduct. After posting a $250 bond, she was released from incarceration the following day.

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