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Woman Found With Pills in Wig When Turning Self In to Police

When a Tampa woman went to the police station to turn herself in for an active warrant, she was allegedly found with many pills stuffed in the lining of her hairpiece before she was taken into the jail.

31-year-old Arayia Hudson learned that she had a warrant out for her arrest due to an alleged violation of the terms of her probation.

On July 31, Hudson went to the Pasco County jail outside of Tampa to turn herself in. When the woman arrived she was taken into the area of the facility where body searches are performed before an inmate is incarcerated.

When Hudson, who was wearing a hairpiece at the time, had her head inspected, it was reported that the detention staff member performing the search had their attention drawn to an anomaly in the lining of the wig.

After taking the hairpiece apart it was allegedly discovered that the lining contained an approximate total of 100 white pills and yellow capsules.

When the suspected drugs were removed from the wig the authorities used the pill identification tool on to identify them using the numbers printed on them. 59 of them were believed to be Tramadol Hydrochloride, a controlled substance used for managing pain. The remaining 35 capsules displayed a search result for Gabapentin which is an anticonvulsant and typically used for controlling seizures. Gabapentin is not a controlled substance.

Hudson was incarcerated and she is facing charges for suspicion of felony narcotics possession, and felony introducing contraband into a detention facility. Her bond was set at $7150, and she is being held in the county jail.

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