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Woman had Felony Warrant for Over 20 Years over Unreturned VHS

After more than 20 years had passed, a woman learned she had a felony for embezzlement because a VHS tape was not returned to the rental store.

52-year-old Caron McBride lived in Oklahoma. She relocated to Texas when she was going to be married.

After she was wed, McBride went to the DMV to have the information on her driver’s license updated.

The woman was instead told that she “had an issue in Oklahoma.” McBride was given a telephone number to call about the situation.

When McBride dialed the digits, the Cleveland County District Attorney’s Office answered the call.

McBride was notified that she was a wanted felon for embezzlement of the rented property that was unreturned.

The warrant was granted in 2000 after the video store alleged that the tape was not returned in 1999. Someone using McBride’s identity had rented a VHS copy of “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” and failed to give it back to the store. The location went out of business in 2008.

McBride recalled living with a man and his three preteen daughters at that time, and she surmised he had rented the video for the girls.

The District Attorney’s Office decided that, in light of the circumstances, they would dismiss the charges against McBride.

The woman, who said she does not enjoy “Sabrina the Teenage Witch,” recalled being dismissed from several jobs throughout the years. She believes it may be due to background checks showing the felony embezzlement charge.

McBride can rest easy knowing that the charge will be reversed, but she will have to have her record expunged to prevent it from appearing in future background checks.

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