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Woman Hired FBI Agent as Hitman to Kill Ex-Husband

A Florida woman allegedly tried to hire someone to murder her ex-husband, but her purported plot was intercepted by the authorities.

47-year-old Gretchen Buselli (a.k.a. Gretchen Yarbrough) has a 5-year-old daughter, but she is no longer married to the girl’s father.

At the beginning of last summer, Yarbrough allegedly talked to someone she has known for a long time. She reportedly told the man that her daughter’s father was abusing the young girl.

Yarbrough allegedly told the man that she believed the only way the abuse could be prevented was if someone was “to get rid of her ex-husband for good.” The man alleged that Yarbrough wanted him to be involved in the murder.

He called the authorities about the woman’s alleged request that he kill the man, and Yarbrough’s acquaintance agreed to work with them as an informant in the investigation.

The man placed calls to Yarbrough while the investigators listened in.

During the calls, Yarbrough allegedly said she planned to secure custody of their daughter and sell her ex-husband’s house. She reportedly proposed that she would give the man the money for the deed after she received the money from the real estate deal.

The authorities instructed the man to tell Yarbrough he needed $1,000 and a burner phone. He also reportedly told her he would get rid of the body by throwing it in the ocean.

Yarbrough reportedly started to become uncertain about the man being able to do what she asked.

The informant provided Yarbrough with someone he referred to as a professional. It was actually an FBI agent posing as a hitman.

The agent arranged to pick up $5,000 that Yarbrough said she would leave in Tallahassee’s Cascades Park. She reportedly said she would use the money from the sale of the home to pay him an additional $20,000.

The authorities said they watched someone they believed was Yarbrough leave a box at the designated drop-off spot. The individual was dressed in sunglasses and a large, floppy hat. They reported that she got rid of the accessories in a garbage can at a shopping center, and a clothing donation bin.

When the box in the park was opened, it was reported that it contained $5,000.

Yarbrough was taken into custody for the allegations on September 16.

The United States Attorney’s Office of the Northern District of Florida announced that Yarbrough will be charged with use of Interstate commerce facility in the commission of murder-for-hire.

She faces a possible 10-year prison sentence if she is found guilty of the charge.

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