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Woman Holding Baby Attacked During Domestic Dispute

A man in Florida is facing charges after allegedly kicking and striking a woman several times while she had an infant in her arms because he believed she was having an affair.

On the morning of July 26, a woman was at home with her four children and a male guest. The man reportedly became angry because he believed the woman was cheating on him, and an argument ensued.

The situation reportedly escalated, and the man allegedly became physically violent. According to reports, he kicked the woman and struck her with a closed fist. He also allegedly spit on her and picked up a child’s scooter and hit her with it. The baby was still in her arms and they reportedly both fell to the ground. The other three children were also present during the alleged attack.

As the man walked away and left the property, he allegedly threatened to cause her harm if the woman called the authorities about the incident.

Despite the alleged threat, the police were notified, and deputies from the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office went to the home.

The woman’s injuries were inspected and recorded, and the officers thought they looked like they could have been caused by the type of assault she described.

On July 29, the man was placed under arrest and booked into the Monroe County Jail. He is facing charges for four counts of abuse of a child without great bodily harm, one count of inflicting bodily harm or terrorizing victim (or other), and one count of causing bodily harm. He is currently being held in lieu of a $500,000 bond, and he has a hearing scheduled on August 8 regarding the allegations.

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