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Woman Over 65 Attacked for Drinking Water

A Florida woman was arrested after allegedly physically injuring a person over the age of 65 during an altercation about drinking water.

Recently, some areas of Florida have been put on boil notice status, meaning that they were instructed that it would be safest to boil their water before drinking it or to drink bottled water instead.

On the afternoon of October 23, someone from Clay Electric was working in Silver Springs near the site of a 38-year-old woman who was reportedly yelling at a woman over the age of 65. The electric company employee thought they saw things start to get physical between the women, and they notified the authorities.

Deputies from the Marion County Sheriff’s Office went to the address reported. When they arrived, they spoke to the younger woman. When they asked her what was going on, she reportedly told them she was trying to prevent the other woman from drinking water when she found out it was not boiled first.

The alleged victim was reportedly found across the street, and it was reported that she was hiding from the other woman. She told the deputies that she had a cup of water, and the other woman took it away from her and threw it. She said she went to pick it up when the woman knocked her onto the ground.

According to reports, the alleged victim had a cut on her hand, and it was believed that it happened when she was allegedly shoved. The woman said she wanted to call the police from a nearby store, but she was not able to because she was trespassed from the property.

The deputies believed the woman was victimized, and they arrested the 38-year-old. She was booked into the Marion County Jail in lieu of a $2,000 bond. She is facing preliminary charges of domestic battery on a person 65 or older.

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