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Woman Poisoned Husband with Weed Killer in Soda

A Missouri woman is being held without bond after being accused of trying to poison her husband by putting Roundup weed killer in his bottles of Mountain Dew.

A couple of months ago, a woman had a 50th birthday party for her spouse with the hope that he would become elated by her efforts. It was reported that she did not believe the man showed as much gratitude as she would have liked, so she became upset with him. The woman reportedly felt that she should have filed for a divorce, but instead, she allegedly decided to tamper with his preferred beverage.

It was reported that the man regularly drinks Mt. Dew, and the couple keep 2-liter bottles of the soda stocked in their basement. His wife allegedly took Roundup weed killer and mixed an unknown amount of it with the contents of the bottles. When the man first drank some of the soda he believed it tasted off, but he didn’t think much of it. He started to think something was going on after he began experiencing gastrointestinal problems after a few weeks. He also reportedly noticed that the Mt. Dew he consumed outside the house tasted different.

The man looked at the home surveillance cameras, and he believed the footage showed his wife putting weed killer in the 2-liters. He spoke to her about what he thought he saw, and she assured him she learned online that mixing the two is a way to make a different kind of weed killer.

On June 24, the authorities were notified about the situation. They reported that during their investigation, the woman admitted she put the Roundup in the soda

The woman was taken into custody and booked into the Laclede County Detention Center. She is facing preliminary charges of one count of first-degree domestic assault, and one count of armed criminal action for the alleged beverage tampering. It was reported that she is currently being held without bond.

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