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A Missouri woman is being held without bond after being accused of trying to poison her husband by putting Roundup weed killer in his bottles of Mountain Dew.

A couple of months ago, a woman had a 50th birthday party for her spouse with the hope that he would become elated by her efforts. It was reported that she did not believe the man showed as much gratitude as she would have liked, so she became upset with him. The woman reportedly felt that she should have filed for a divorce, but instead, she allegedly decided to tamper with his preferred beverage.

It was reported that the man regularly drinks Mt. Dew, and the couple keep 2-liter bottles of the soda stocked in their basement. His wife allegedly took Roundup weed killer and mixed an unknown amount of it with the contents of the bottles. When the man first drank some of the soda he believed it tasted off, but he didn’t think much of it. He started to think something was going on after he began experiencing gastrointestinal problems after a few weeks. He also reportedly noticed that the Mt. Dew he consumed outside the house tasted different.

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A Florida woman is facing charges after her boyfriend accused her of serving him a glass of tea with a bleach tablet added in place of sugar.

On the afternoon of February 23, a woman and her boyfriend were at the home they have shared for approximately three years. He was reportedly preparing a meal when he stepped away to take a business call from his boss. He walked outside to take the call and his food was left unattended in the house.

When he finished talking to his employer, the man returned to his tortilla and glass of tea. His girlfriend was in the room, and when he offered her a bite of his food, she told him it was too spicy for her taste. He reportedly tried to offer her some tea to see if it would help the burning feeling in her mouth, but she was reportedly unwilling to drink the beverage.

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The Arizona wife of a man in the Air Force was arrested and charged for allegedly trying to poison her husband by putting bleach in his coffee in a purported scam to collect his life insurance.

According to reports, a woman and her then-husband, an airman, temporarily moved to Germany when he got stationed there.

Last March, the man reported that something was amiss with the taste of his coffee, which his wife reportedly prepared the night before so it would be easy for him to brew in the morning. After tolerating the foul flavor for a few weeks, he decided to try to discover the cause.

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