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Woman Sexually Assaulted by Man Helping Her with Flat Tire

A man was arrested after allegedly stopping under the guise of helping a woman with car troubles, but instead kidnapped and sexually assaulted her.

Just after 1:00 AM on May 16, a woman was driving in Austin when she got a flat tire. She pulled over and called roadside assistance, and before they arrived, a man driving an SUV stopped to offer his help. He reportedly told her he could take her somewhere for a new tire. She took him up on his offer, and when she got into the vehicle, the man began driving.

Within minutes, the woman asked to be taken back to her vehicle. She also sent a DM to her friend to let them know her exact location. The man reportedly did not stop, and a few minutes later, he stopped at a local apartment complex. After parking the car, the man allegedly sexually assaulted the woman.

The alleged victim ran out of the SUV and notified the police. By the time they got there, the man was gone.

Officers kept an eye out for the person they believed was the perpetrator. Later that day, an SUV matching the description of the one the man was driving showed up at the apartment complex where the alleged assault occurred.

The suspect was taken into custody and booked into the Travis County Jail. He is facing preliminary charges of one felony count of first-degree aggravated kidnapping – sexual abuse. He is currently being held in lieu of a $10,000 bond, and if he is released, he has to wear an electronic GPS device. He was also told he is not allowed to have any contact with the alleged victim. If he is convicted as charged, he could face a life sentence.

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