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Woman Attacked Neighbor Over Excess Water Usage

A Florida octogenarian was arrested after allegedly verbally and physically attacking her neighbor because she believed he was using too much water to wash his motorcycle.

Last week, a woman who resides in the Palm Lake Village 55+ Apartments in Dunedin reportedly had a problem with what one of her neighbors was doing. It was reported that the 72-year-old man was washing his motorcycle while it was parked in the road. His neighbor allegedly took offense to the amount of water he was using, so the woman walked up to him to confront him about it.

She reportedly began hollering at him about how much water was on the street and told him it was an excessive amount to use for washing the motorcycle. The woman also took a few pictures of the wet ground for proof of the perceived indiscretion and threatened to show them to the manager of the property.

The conflict reportedly intensified, and according to the police report, the woman became physically aggressive. One of the other residents who lives in the building allegedly watched as the woman grabbed the man by the beard and appeared to have spit in his face.

The authorities were notified about the situation, and a deputy with the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Department went to the apartment complex to see what was going on. When they got to the address, the deputy talked to the person who said they saw the incident as it occurred. They reported that it looked like the woman was the aggressive party during the incident.

The woman was taken into custody and booked into the county jail. She is facing charges for battery on a person aged 65 or older. She was released the following day on a $100 bond.

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