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Woman Suspected of DUI with Child in Car after Release from Rehab

A woman who was operating a vehicle with a child in the back seat was arrested on Thursday for allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol.

30-year-old Stephanie Roque of Miami was driving through Wellington, Florida, with a child passenger when she allegedly stopped her SUV while in the middle of a lane on the road.

A Palm Beach deputy saw the car in the middle of the street and ran a check on Roque’s license plate finding that the woman’s driving privileges had been revoked. When he walked up to Roque he reportedly detected a strong smell of alcohol coming from the SUV. He also stated that she seemed as if she was unable to remain focused while speaking to him.

Roque explained that she suffers from alcoholism and that she had just been released from a rehabilitation center that day. When the deputy looked inside the car he saw a child in the back seat. On the floor beneath the spot where the child was sitting there was allegedly a 12-pack of Blue Moon Ale with three of the beers missing.

Roque consented to roadside sobriety tests and it was determined that she did not pass. According to records, her breath tests registered numbers higher than three times the legal limit of .08.

The deputy placed Roque under arrest for suspected DUI and child neglect and she was booked into Palm Beach County jail. She was released the next day after posting $4000 bond.

Roque’s relationship to the child inside of the SUV is currently unknown.

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