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Woman Tried Pawning Stolen Ring Back to Jewelry Store

A Florida woman was accused of trying to sell stolen jewelry to several establishments, including a ring reportedly brought back to the jewelry store from which it had allegedly been stolen.

47-year-old Alice Laverne Henry lives in Lake Wales, Florida.

On the morning of September 28, Henry reportedly went to Griner’s Jewelry Store in Winter Haven with a ring in hand and reportedly tried to sell the piece of jewelry to the shop.

The woman working behind the counter inquired about the origin of the ring. She reported that Henry said she had a windfall when using a metal detector on the beach and located the jewelry in the sand.

The employee interacting with Henry said that when she looked at the ring, which was assessed at a value over $1,000, she felt it was in too pristine a condition to have been exposed to the elements on the coast.

One of the other workers at the store notified the Winter Haven Police Department and informed them about the situation, explaining the negotiation of the purportedly stolen ring and the robbery that took place in the store over the summer.

When officers dispatched to the store and spoke with Henry, she reportedly told them she had found the ring while on the coast when she was in Panhandle visiting her daughter.

The police let Henry leave the store, but the woman had to leave the ring behind.

An investigation was opened to try to find out if the ring had been stolen, and the police reported that they believed the ring had been taken from the same store Henry tried to sell it.

Three additional rings from Griner’s caught the attention of the authorities when they traced them to an attempted sale at a different jewelry store in the area.

Henry was taken into custody on October 4 for the allegations, and she is facing charges for felony grand theft, and dealing in stolen property.

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