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Woman with 8 Times the Legal BAC Arrested for DUI 

A Utah woman behind the wheel who allegedly had more than eight times the legal blood-alcohol limit was arrested after she reportedly came close to hitting a police vehicle while driving erratically. 

Around 8:00 AM on November 29, a woman was driving down a street in Spanish Fork where a construction project was underway. There were barricades and traffic cones placed on the road to direct traffic around the work site. 

A deputy with the Utah County Sheriff’s Office driving ahead of the woman reported that they checked their mirror, and they saw the woman behind them driving in an unsafe manner. The deputy said the woman’s vehicle hit some of the cones and barriers in the construction area. 

According to reports, the deputy turned on his lights, but when the woman drove past him, she did not stop the vehicle. He reported that he tried to get her to pull over, but she was weaving on the road and she struck the curb more than once. The final time the car hit the curb, it hit hard enough to dismantle the suspension on one of the wheels on her vehicle. 

Since she was stuck on the roadside, the deputy approached the woman. He reported that he immediately determined she was heavily intoxicated, and he was concerned. 

It was reported that the woman declined to take roadside sobriety tests, and she told the officer to arrest her. 

The woman reportedly informed the deputy that she had been drinking for weeks. She was taken to the hospital. 

When the results of her blood test came back, her BAC was reported as being 0.411, which is eight times over Utah’s .05 legal limit for driving.  

The 24-year-old woman was arrested on suspicion of DUI, driving on a suspended license, failing to operate in a single lane and open container of alcohol. 

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