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Women Broke into Officer’s Home to Get Revenge

Two women who were intimately involved with the same man at the same time are facing charges after allegedly destroying and stealing his belongings after breaking into his home together.

According to reports, two women found out that an officer from the Detroit Police Department was having intimate relations with them both, and they reportedly became upset about the situation. They reportedly wanted to do something to retaliate, and the women, one of whom was also a Detroit police officer, began communicating with each other in text messages. They allegedly orchestrated a plan to break into the man’s home together.

On April 11, the man walked into his residence and found that it had been burglarized. He saw what looked like juice dumped on the furniture, his laptop computer was destroyed, and his television was broken, He believed several thousands of dollars worth of camera equipment had been stolen, in addition to several pieces from his wardrobe. The man, who has over 20 pairs of shoes, also reported that one from each pair had been taken.

When the authorities began investigating the situation, they reportedly discovered the text messages the women exchanged. They alleged the content showed that the women were the likely perpetrators of the invasion and that they were motivated by his reportedly philandering ways.

Both women were taken into custody in lieu of $5,000 bonds. According to the Macomb County Prosecutors Office, they are planning to pursue charges against each of them for one count of second-degree home invasion, one count of second-degree conspiracy to commit home invasion, one count of malicious destruction of property between $1,000 and $20,000, and one count of larceny in a building.

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