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Man with Underwear Around Neck Suspected of Stealing Trees

A Florida man donning a pair of underwear around his neck may face criminal charges after he was reportedly found wandering around in an area where two bonsai trees worth $7,000 had recently been stolen.

According to reports, a few weeks ago, someone swiped both trees from a home on a residential street in Cape Coral. Late in the evening on January 11, neighbors on the same block noticed a man on the property from which the trees were taken. There were additional bonsais at the residence, and it raised their suspicions when they spotted the alleged interloper.

One of the neighbors notified the authorities by phone, and when describing the man, they said he was wearing all dark clothing with a dark mask covering his face.

The police headed to the scene, and they found a man fitting the description they were given on the call. He was reportedly lying on the ground in an area with tall grass, and they believed he was trying to hide. The man reportedly told them he was having problems with two men in the area, so he went to the spot to stay out of site. He reported that he regularly runs for exercise in that area because of the beauty and lack of traffic. He added that the underwear was around his neck because it shields his face from the cold while he runs.

The stolen trees were not found when the suspect’s home was searched, but he was still taken into custody and booked into the Lee County Jail. It is possible he will face a charge of prowling and loitering for the accusation. After posting a $150 bond the following day, the man was released from the lockup. Currently, he has a court date scheduled for January 30 regarding the issue.

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