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Worker Spat on Patron’s Pizza Dough at Tigers vs. Royals Game

A refreshments employee at Comerica Park stadium in Detroit has been accused of tampering with the pizza dough while he was preparing an order for a customer.

On September 21, when the Detroit Tigers played against the Kansas City Royals at Comerica Park stadium, a man working for the company that supplies the food during events held at the location was reportedly preparing a pizza.

The employee, 20-year-old Jaylon Kerley, allegedly spit on top of the dough before adding sauce on top of the saliva.

Someone present recorded a video which was posted on Instagram that weekend and it reportedly appears to show a man resembling Kerley spitting on the food as he is making it.

After they were made aware of the allegations the Detroit police took Kerley into custody on September 23.

Kerley’s bond was set at $10,000 and he is facing charges of one felony count of food law violations, and one misdemeanor count of the same charge. He was additionally ordered to submit to testing to make sure that he is not infected with any diseases, and he was dismissed from his job due to the allegations.

If Kerley is convicted as charged he could be looking at a total of four years and three months of incarceration.

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