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Father Accused of Setting Fire to Daughter in Wheelchair

Authorities inspecting the details of a fire that occurred in May at a home in Tennessee have alleged that the blaze was started when a man set his daughter’s wheelchair aflame while she was sitting in it.

A home where a father and daughter reside in Pulaski, Tennessee, caught fire on May 20, and it resulted in the girl, whose age is unknown, to suffer from injuries requiring her to receive treatment at a burn center.

The following day, a team of inspectors opened an investigation to gain information about the origin of the fire. They reported that they discovered information leading them to believe that the father, 41-year-old Timothy Shane Medley, was responsible for the event.

The investigators allege that Medley applied a flammable substance to the wheelchair that his daughter was sitting in and then intentionally lit it on fire causing the house around it to ignite as well.

Though the authorities have not expressed that they have found a reason that the man would have started the fire, Medley was taken into custody on Thursday. He was charged with one count each of aggravated assault, abuse of an adult, felony reckless endangerment, reckless aggravated assault, and burning personal property.

Medley is being held in the Giles County Jail in lieu of $22,000 bond.

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