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Youngster Shot by Real Gun during Sneak Paintball Attack

A father is facing charges for reportedly driving the car his child fired paintballs from, and the boy was shot and injured when someone returned fire with a real gun.

26-year-old Michael Williams lives in Opa-locka, Florida, and he has a 10-year-old son.

In the evening on May 30, Williams was reportedly approached by his son, who asked his dad to give him a ride to a nearby house.

Williams reportedly agreed, and the pair headed to the requested location in a van.

They allegedly arrived at their intended destination around 5:30 pm, and a group of people was gathered outside the home.

While the van was still in motion, Williams’ son reportedly opened the sliding door. The child allegedly aimed a paintball gun at the crowd and began to fire it.

The father of one of the children outside thought that someone was attempting a drive-by shooting and reportedly became afraid for his family.

The man reportedly grabbed a handgun and fired shots at the van. The 10-year-old was hit by one of the bullets.

Williams allegedly hit the gas and fled, and the child fell out of the van’s open door and landed on the pavement.

The incident reportedly occurred so fast that the child’s dad was still driving when he fell. When Williams noticed his son was not in the vehicle, he rushed back to the spot on foot.

An alleged witness of the event disclosed that they talked to the man while he was still at the scene with his son, and he asserted that Williams was the driver of the vehicle.

The youngster was admitted to Jackson Memorial Hospital for medical treatment, and his condition has not yet been released.

The authorities placed Williams under arrest when they purported that he was responsible for the incident by willingly driving the van when his son asked. He is expected to face charges for one count of child neglect with great bodily harm for the allegations.

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