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Hue Heffner’s Son Accused of Domestic Violence

This week Marston Heffner, son of the Playboy founder Hue Heffner, was accused by girlfriend Claire Sinclair of domestic violence. At first calling her parents (who then called the police) the former Playmate of the year claimed that he “punched and kicked” her in their Pasadena apartment.  While unofficial pictures circulating the internet show a small bruise on her shoulder presumably from the “punching and kicking” it is possible that the mark was caused by something else. Like many women in alleged incidents of domestic violence, Sinclair asserts that she does not want to see Heffner go to jail. She is, however, demanding an apology, and has obtained a temporary restraining order against him. The temporary order lasts about a week until a formal hearing occurs.

Despite his girlfriend’s request to withhold punishment,Heffner could still face charges by the state under California Penal Code 273.5 or Penal Code section 243e(1). He could face either a fine up to $6,000 dollars or five years in prison or both depending on the severity of his case.  It appears that this was a first offense for Heffner and that could prove mitigating in defending his case.

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