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3 Residents Attacked by Armed Man over Dog Dispute


After a Florida man was ejected from a home, he allegedly returned and caused destruction to the property, terrorized the inhabitants, and had a standoff with police for many hours.

31-year-old Paul Ezzell had recently been staying in a home in Tampa on a temporary basis.

Last Sunday night, Ezzell was reportedly asked to depart from the residence for causing problems.

After he left, Ezzell allegedly used an object to smash the window in the front of the home. The propelled item reportedly hit one of the three people inside in the face and injured them.

Ezzell reportedly entered the house and started to spray mace at the residents.

One of the residents owns an SUV, and Ezzell allegedly continued his tirade by breaking the windows and cutting the tires on the vehicle.

Following the alleged destruction of the vehicle, Ezzell reportedly aimed and shot a BB gun at the house. After reentering the home, he allegedly continued shooting the weapon.

The authorities were alerted, and Ezzell reportedly dumped gasoline all around the inside and outside of the residence.

Officers arrived around 1:00 am, and Ezzell allegedly barricaded himself inside the home and refused to come outside.

Police tried to get Ezzell to exit the house for approximately five and a half hours.

A chemical irritant was deployed, and the officers rushed inside to detain Ezzell.

Ezzell was placed under arrest and booked into the Hillsborough County Jail. He is expected to face many charges for the allegations, including two counts of battery, arson, and throwing a deadly missile into an occupied home.

When the authorities discussed the possible motive behind the incident, it was reported that it started due to a dispute about a dog.

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