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Woman Hit Burger King Worker with Food and Racial Insults

A Florida woman is facing felony charges after allegedly using racist language and pelting a fast-food employee with a hamburger over the amount of tomato on her sandwich.

On the evening of April 30, 77-year-old Judith Black reportedly visited Burger King in Wildwood.

The woman asked for a Whopper with her order, and when she was given her food she reportedly looked at the burger and became disgruntled over the size of the tomato slices.

Black brought her sandwich back to the counter, and one of the female employees tried to assist her.

When addressing the worker, Black allegedly screamed ethnic slurs at her. The police report indicated that she used racist language several times during the interaction, including telling the employee, “shut up you black bi**h.”

The worker said she told Black that she would not be able to help her if she did not calm down. When the girl turned around, Black allegedly hurled the burger causing it to hit the employee.

Black and her husband walked out of the establishment, and they drove off together in a truck. One of the people working at the time of the incident was able to collect the license plate number before the vehicle departed from the parking lot.

The Wildwood Police Department was notified, and officers went to Burger King to collect statements and surveillance video.

The authorities used the license plate number to track down the owner of the vehicle, and they discovered it was registered to Black’s husband. Using his information, they located Black’s ID photo and confirmed she matched the woman in the surveillance video.

Police spoke with Black about the incident, and the woman reportedly waived her right to an attorney before giving her statement. She reportedly told the officer that she was upset about the tomato and admitted to throwing food and using racist language toward the Burger King employee.

King was booked into the Sumter County Detention Center. Since she used what was determined as “evidencing prejudice while committing an offense,” the charge was reclassified from a misdemeanor to a third-degree felony battery.

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