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73-Year-Old Husband Tased When Asking For Divorce

A Florida woman was arrested after she allegedly shocked her husband more than once with a taser after he told her he wanted to end their marriage.

68-year-old Pamela Jane Carr and her husband Thomas Burke have been married for a total of 9-years. The couple live together in a residence at the Serendipity Mobile Home Park in Clearwater, Florida which caters to the 55+ crowd.

Last Sunday morning, around 11:00 am, Burke decided to drop news to his wife informing her that he would like to talk about the fact that he wanted to separate.

While they were discussing Burke’s proposal, he and Carr reportedly began to have a spat about the undoing of their marital ties.

During their argument, it was reported that Carr whipped out a taser and used it on her spouse. According to the police report, the woman “dry stunned him several times.”

When law enforcement arrived at the couple’s home and talked with Carr about the situation, the woman allegedly affirmed that she deployed the taser on Burke while they were in the middle of the argument, but she additionally added that the act was done in self-defense.

Carr was placed under arrest and booked into the county jail for suspicion of felony domestic battery, and she was released later that evening on a $1,000 bond. The conditions of her release stipulate that Carr is unable to have any contact with her husband, and she is disallowed from owning firearms and ammunition.

The woman was granted permission to make one trip to her home with a police escort so that she is able to collect her personal possessions while she cannot live on the premises.

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