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92-Year-Old Victim Assaulted by Convicted Sex Offender

A convicted sex offender with more than 100 prior arrests was accused of assaulting a 92-year-old woman as she walked down the street in Manhattan.

On June 12, a woman identified as “Geraldine” was walking in Gramercy Park while pushing a cart when she reportedly encountered a stranger who shoved her.

The woman was reportedly knocked down, and when she hit the ground her head slammed into a fire hydrant.

The assailant allegedly turned and made eye contact with Geraldine as he continued strolling down the street without checking on her condition.

The woman, whose head was bleeding, was taken to Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital where she was treated for physical injuries after a passerby saw her on the ground and called for emergency medical assistance.

When the incident was reported, Geraldine said that the event caused her so much fear that she is currently unable to walk outside without someone accompanying her.

A recording of the alleged assault was reviewed by the authorities, and they believed 31-year-old Rashid Brimmage was the suspect they were seeking.

Since 2005, Brimmage has been taken into custody 103 times, mostly for petty crimes. Three of the incidents were reported as sexual offenses, and Brimmage is required to have his name on the sex offender registry.

Brimmage, who was reported as homeless, was located and taken into custody last Tuesday, and he is facing an assault charge for the allegations.

It was reported that Brimmage has three additional open criminal cases against him currently, for suspicion of trespassing, possession of a controlled substance, and misdemeanor assault and harassment.

The alleged victim reported to news outlets that her physical injuries were not severe, but she said the toll on her mental state is the biggest struggle.

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