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Suspect With Machete Tattoo Busted for Ironic Assault

A Florida man who reportedly sports a tattoo of a machete was arrested after allegedly using the same type of weapon inked on his face in an assault against another man.

Last weekend, 25-year-old Justin Arthur Allen Couch reportedly got into a tussle with a man who came into a Tarrytown residence where he said he was staying.

The man, who said he wanted to take a shower and found that people were hanging out and having a gathering, reported that when he and Couch began arguing Couch told him to leave the home.

When the man reportedly agreed to leave, he asserted that Couch told him he could not get his personal belongings, such as his phone and identification from inside before departing.

As Couch allegedly denied re-entry, and another dispute reportedly broke out between them.

During their fight, Couch allegedly grabbed a machete and sliced the man’s limbs with the blade’s flat side.

The alleged victim said that Couch then tried to hit him in the face with the weapon, but he threw up his arm defensively, and the blade reportedly gashed his arm so severely that he lost consciousness.

An unnamed acquaintance drove the bleeding man to Bayfront Health Spring Hill for emergency medical attention for his injuries.

Two days following the incident, Hernando County Sheriff’s Office deputies learned of the alleged attack and spoke with some of the people who were gathered at the home when the situation took place.

When they received a statement from someone who claimed they saw the incident as it took place, the authorities purported that Couch was responsible for the man’s injuries.

Couch was placed under arrest, and he is expected to face charges of aggravated battery for the alleged altercation. He was incarcerated in lieu of a $10,000 bond.

It was reported that the alleged victim is unable to move the arm that was reportedly struck with the blade.

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