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$9k Worth of Stolen Lunchmeat Eaten by Employee

An Ohio grocery store reported that they have suffered a loss of over $9,000 due to one of their long-term employees eating slices of lunchmeat during her shifts without paying for the food.

The management of loss prevention at the Giant Eagle grocery store chain located in Bolivar, Ohio, received information alleging that one of the employees of the market had been eating up to five slices per shift of cold cuts from the deli counter without paying for the items in the five or more years that she worked for the company.

The amount of missing product, which were reported as mostly ham and some salami, was estimated to hold a total of $9200. The suspected theft was reported to the authorities, and an officer with the Tuscarawas County Sheriff’s Office took the statement from the manager by telephone.

According to the call record report, Catherine Brenick, the 36-year-old woman suspected of the deed, allegedly said that she did snack on some lunchmeat while she was on the job, but she did not give a further statement regarding the matter.

The report was sent to and reviewed by the Tuscarawas County Prosecutors Office, and it was decided that there was enough to warrant charging Brenick with felony theft for the incident.

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