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Affluenza Teen’s Dad Suspected of Assaulting Girlfriend

The man whose son has been referred to as “affluenza teen” for the past few years after his DUI conviction is currently facing his own charges for allegedly choking his girlfriend intensely enough to restrict her breathing.

53-year-old Fredrick Couch and his girlfriend Brandi Gober allegedly had an interaction on July 14, for which Couch has been accused of putting his hands around the woman’s throat and pressing so hard that she had a hard time breathing.

Couch and Gober reportedly live together in Fort Worth, and details about what may have transpired leading to the allegations against Couch have not been released at this time.

On Tuesday, at the criminal court in Tarrant County, Couch was officially charged with assault.

Couch’s son Ethan became known as the “affluenza teen” in 2013 after he was convicted for a DUI which led to the death of four individuals and injury of twelve others. A psychologist called to testify at Ethan’s trial posited that the cause of the incident was the result of affluenza, a condition defined as “a psychological malaise supposedly affecting wealthy young people, symptoms of which include a lack of motivation, feelings of guilt, and a sense of isolation.”

According to NBC News, Fredrick Couch is scheduled to make a court appearance on October 10 regarding the assault charge.

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