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Wife Charged With Battery for Assault With Nerf Guns

A woman who believed her husband might have been cheating on her allegedly beat him with two plastic Nerf guns while their kids were present.

40-year-old Anh Thi Pham and her husband of 12-years have four children, and they all live together in West Monroe.

On September 30, Pham and her husband were reportedly arguing because the woman suspected he was engaging in extramarital activity with another woman.

Their argument allegedly inspired Pham to grab ahold of two plastic Nerf toy guns, with which to his surprise she reportedly used to hit her husband.

The man ran out the door to try to get away, but he said that Pham trailed behind him as he ran down the street.

The Ouachita County Sheriff’s Office was informed of a possible domestic dispute, and officers went to the residence to investigate the report.

When they reached the scene the police said that they saw “minor cuts/scrapes on the victim’s left-arm and face,” which were purported to be caused by his wife’s attack with the plastic pistols.

It was also noted that the couple’s four children, ages 19, 12, and two 9-year-olds, were at the house when the alleged altercation was underway.

Upon coming into contact with Pham she was reportedly posted in the driveway of the couple’s residence and still dual-wielding the small Nerf guns.

According to the police report, she was informed that she was being taken into custody and Pham, who allegedly waived her Miranda rights, said that she used the guns to strike her husband when she became angry about the possibility that he was being unfaithful.

Pham was booked into the Ouachita County Jail and she is facing charges for suspicion of domestic battery, and child endangerment.

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