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AirLife Pilot Arrested for DUI on the Way to Work 

A Colorado man who works as an AirLife chopper pilot was reportedly caught driving under the influence of alcohol while he was on his way to his work base to fly a medical helicopter. 

On the evening of January 7, a deputy with the Elbert County Sheriff’s Office was patrolling a local highway. 

A vehicle drove past him, and he reported that the driver crossed over the double yellow line. The deputy also reported that he was driving 15 miles over the posted speed limit. 

The deputy performed a traffic stop.  

When the driver pulled over, he reportedly said he was on his way to his base in Hugo. The man was identified as a helicopter pilot for AirLife. They are responsible for transporting critically ill patients to hospitals. 

The deputy said that he detected a strong odor of alcohol while talking to the man, and he believed it was coming from inside the vehicle. The deputy also reported that he was wearing a “flight for life” uniform.  

It was believed that the man had been drinking. According to the authorities, he did not perform well on the roadside sobriety tests when he took them, and he was unable to steady himself while standing.  

The man was cooperative with the deputies, and when he was tested, his blood alcohol level was reported as being .126. In Colorado, it is illegal to operate a vehicle with a blood-alcohol level over .08.  

The suspect was taken into custody and DUI, speeding, and careless driving.  

He was released on January 8 after posting a $1000 bond. He has also resigned from his job. 

The suspect has a scheduled court date regarding the charges on February 9. 

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