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Woman Held Captive by Florida Corrections Officer  

A Florida corrections officer who works for the Osceola County Corrections Department was arrested and charged after an alleged domestic violence incident. 

On December 12, a 35-year-old corrections officer was at a residence with a woman, and things reportedly got intense between them. 

The man, who has worked for Osceola County for approximately 6 years, reportedly got into an altercation with the woman, and he allegedly became physically violent. 

According to reports, the man gripped her face, and the woman shoved him away. The alleged victim said he grabbed her arm and forced her to the floor. The woman reported that she tried to get away, but the man reportedly prevented her from doing so. 

When she got up, the woman went into the bedroom, but the man followed her. She said he pushed her onto the bed and stood in front of the door. He allegedly told her she was not allowed to leave. 

The woman knew there was a gun in the closet, and she grabbed it as soon as she was able. She reported that she used it to force the man to leave. 

It was reported that the alleged victim did not want to make the man lose his employment, so she did not immediately report the incident. 

On January 25, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office was informed of the allegations. 

The officer was taken into custody for the allegations, and he was booked into the Polk County Jail. He is facing charges of felony false imprisonment, and misdemeanor domestic violence battery. He is being held without bond. 

The Osceola County Corrections Department reported their plans to put the officer on administrative leave when he is released from incarceration. 

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